"Dillon’s love for music gave our students the inspiration and knowledge that is needed to be a dedicated musician, a composer, a band leader and how to succeed as a professional musician. All this in an hour!! His clinic was full of energy that truly inspired all of our students and faculty.  We look forward to having Dillon back."

-J. Polancich - Director of Bands at Arrowhead Union HS (Hartland, WI)


"Before coming into Dillon's lessons I was kind of lost when it came to practice. He helped me pinpoint the key areas that needed attention and gave me advice on how I can work on them. Definitely a worthwhile experience."

-D. Persaud - Private Student, age 20.

(New York, NY)

-C. Mell - Director of Jazz Studies for the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra

 (Milwaukee, WI)

"Dillon was able to engage the students through original music performance, insightful discussion pertaining to music, composition, and the creative process. It was a pleasure watching Dillon work and we look forward to the next time!"